How to Use Twitter for Business Marketing

Have you made twitter a part of your social media marketing? Well, if you haven’t, it is high time you got started. For starters, Twitter is a social networking site with short message communications which can be up to 140 characters long. Whenever you send a tweet, it gets to appear on the timelines of everyone that follows you giving you a very huge opportunity to market your business and get it known out there. You can follow other people, be followed, read and share tweets through retweets.

Twitter is quite unique from the other social networking sites because of the short disconnected messages that it distributes. If we compare Twitter and Facebook, a tweet is like a short status update which arrives at the feed of each of your followers instead of being filtered like on Facebook. You can share photos and links just like on Pinterest and starting a conversation around the shared image is much easier. You can also tweet a link to a video on YouTube and share it with your followers. Let us now dive into the uses of twitter for business.

1. Presenting your brand

Your twitter profile is the foundation of your entire twitter experience. It is your opportunity to tell your business story and brand with the entire twitter community. With the right username and profile image, you will be able to present your brand in the best light online. A good profile header also contributes to your brand presence online so you should customize it to match your business branding.

2. Building a Strong Foundation

When you get on twitter, it is important that you start finding a community to present your brand to. The powerful search tool enables you to find the people who are interested in exactly what you have to offer and this is where you should start your community from. Start engaging with your established community and in no time, you will be getting leads from an audience that has shared interests with your business. This way, you get to market and grow your business with very little investment.

Twitter marketing for business is very powerful and should be added to your marketing toolkit if you are not already doing it. In case you are, remember to keep engaging with the community and keep it growing.

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